Orange County crime spree suspect caught

Local law enforcement says they’ve arrested a man for a string of violent crimes that happened in the spring.

Back in April, investigators in Orange County, Orlando and Winter Garden released photos and video of a man they said was terrorizing the community.   There had been robberies, carjackings and even a shooting in a matter of days.

“This was a very violent criminal and were happy to have him off the street,” said Sgt. Joe Covelli with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies locked up Calvin Love Wednesday.  They say in early April, he struck in Winter Garden.

“A gentleman was at an ATM trying to get some money out and a subject tried to rob him. It turned into a small confrontation where the victim tried to flee and he got shot,” said Winter Garden Police Lt. Scott Allen.

Lt. Allen says after that, Love carjacked someone at a nearby Walgreens.  In Orange County, the 45-year-old is charged with four robberies that deputies say happened around the same time.

“He would go into commercial businesses while people were shopping and fire shots off,” Covelli said.

The agencies say it took some time but science helped solve their cases.

“At each scene, he left something,” Covelli said. “He always leaves something – some type of trace at each scene.”

They say the DNA led them to love. Now, investigators are trying to get him to talk.

“He didn’t give any reason why but he said something about being on molly,” Covelli said.

Deputies say they expect to tie more crimes to Love as the investigation continues.