New details emerge in pursuit and crash on SR 417

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office released video showing the moments before a fatal crash on State Road 417 a week ago.

Seminole County deputies said some men in an orange Corvette were followed by Sanford police officers  following reports of a burglary.  Dashboard camera video shows the suspects jump out of the vehicle and run.  "The vehicle you see on the left is Sanford police investigators, part of their NRU unit," explained Chief Dennis Lemma during a news conference detailing the video.

Deputies say the officer got out of his car to stop the abandoned -- but still moving -- Corvette. Then, the two suspects hopped into a burgundy Acura SUV with three other burglary suspects and fled the scene.  Aerial surveillance from a Seminole County Sheriff's helicopter shows the SUV becomes involved in a hit-and-run incident in Sanford.  The Acura then heads towards the 417, going approximately 90 mph.

Deputies say stop sticks were eventually thrown out by deputies to deflate the tires. "It was a successful deployment on the driver's side tires,  both front and back. His attempt to avoid the tire deflation devices ultimately caused the vehicle to rollover."

Investigators say 19-year-old Adarius Brown and 22-year-old Antonio Henry were ejected from the SUV and died.  Eighteen-year-olds Eric Fairclough and Spencer Thompson, and 19-year-old Sonny Thorton, survived the crash. Deputies say they had to do something to avoid another accident. "I think there's an expectation to protect the public from this reckless disregard," Chief Lemma added. 

"They took the car from here," said Milton Feliz, manager at Rubins Autosales.  He says they stole the SUV three weeks before the accident. "Big surprise that I saw the Acura on TV."

He says the accused thieves broke a window and drove the Acura out of the lot. "It's totaled now.  We're talking with insurance company."

According to investigators, the suspects had burglarized four different homes in Lake Mary that morning. During another burglary later on in Sanford, neighbors called and gave officers a good description of the suspects.  Deputies said one of the suspects is arrested, another is in the hospital and a third has been released from the hospital but has not yet been charged.