NASA, NOAA mark another historic launch with new weather satellite

Tuesday marked another historic launch under NASA’s belt, as the third generation GOES-R series satellite was sent into orbit.

On this day four years ago, ULA, NASA, and NOAA launched the previous version of their satellite.

"It is like the Super Bowl, right? – for NOAA and NASA, every time you have a launch like this and every time you are adding a new capability for the nation," said the GOES-R series assistant program director Jim Valenti.

The rocket engineers of ULA have a track record of 100% success with their rockets and today kept that intact.

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"If we have better data going in it helps us observe the atmosphere and predict it going forward in the future," said Brian Sizek, the launch weather officer of the 45’th weather squadron.

NASA tells us they are working on the fourth satellite in the series right now and they will be launching in about two years.

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