More unemployed now turning to possible career in medical care

With millions of Americans out of work, more and more people are turning to jobs in healthcare. 

Mary Lou Sole, the Dean of the University of Central Florida’s College of Nursing said it is not uncommon for their nursing program to see more applications when the job market is tough.

“I envision that [applications] will go up some we tend to see that when the economy dips and people look for a job that's been stable to go into nursing as a profession.”

Becoming an RN does not happen overnight. The program at UCF is a four year bachelors degree. It can be much faster for those who already have a BA. UCF offers an accelerated 15 month second degree program. Sole still warns that those eager to jump into nursing should think about the commitment their making and if they’re the right person to fill the role. 

“You have to be able to be comfortable with your communication skills. talking to people, touching people. You have to be willing to take care of the people in the nursing home as well as the mental healthy patients so you have to learn it all because it's a well rounded profession.”

UCF'S program is the biggest in our area. More programs are available in central Florida. You can become a certified nurse assistant in six weeks. Click here for more information.