Lynx bus driver dies in early morning crash

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An early morning crash that killed one bus driver and injured another is under investigation.  Lynx is calling it "an unimaginable tragedy."  

The wreck happened shortly after each of the busses had pulled out of the LYNX bus depot on Princeton Street near the intersection of John Young Parkway.  Ismael Rivera is the president of the Local ATU 1596.  He says the driver of the first bus stalled seconds after pulling out of the bus depot this morning.  

The driver, 59-year-old Prosper Nazaire,  got out to look at the engine in the rear of the bus.  

"It was not reflective, nothing on the bus.  No hazard lights, so he walked around the bus to try to start it, to my understanding and the other bus coming out didn't see anybody there until at the last minute," said Rivera.

He says the second bus slammed into the first bus.  

"The busses don't stop on a dime," said Rivera.  

Nazaire was killed on scene.  The driver of the second bus was rushed to the hospital.  Investigators are not yet releasing his name.

According to Rivera, Nazaire had only been with Lynx for about a year, the other driver has been with the company for 25 years.  

"Both good operators," said Rivera.  

Orlando Police say it does not appear that criminal charges will be made in this case.    Matt Friedman, a Lynx spokesman, sent The News Station this statement: