Lime looking to bring electric scooters to Orlando

The green electric bikes in Downtown Orlando may soon have some little companions: electric green scooters.

Lime, the transportation company which owns the electric bikes say it wants to introduce scooters to the market. The San Francisco-based company says it will soon enter into discussions with the city about expanding the program and city officials have the final say.

The City spokesperson confirming there are no plans to make adjustments to the program at this time. We set out to see what riders think about the proposal.

“It beats walking, it’s faster, more efficient,” said John Szerdi, Orlando resident.

“I’m personally a bike person but at the end of the day, it’s the same concept,” said Bushra Sarker, Orlando visitor.

The common concern: scooters littering the ground.

“I think it’s an eyesore, I mean when tourists come and they see stuff like that, it really give a perception of the city where, yeah it’s easy to get around on but it’s like, why do we have these things everywhere,” said Wade Nelson, Orlando visitor.

“It would look very polluted with metal,” said Sarker.

“Just imagine this park out here strung with scooters across the sidewalk, it makes it hard for people to walk,” said Nelson.

People we spoke to want mandated parking areas for the bikes and proposed scooters.

“If it’s regulated, it certain ways, which I believe it should be at least the areas that they’re put in then I think it would be good for the city, if not then it’s just another eyesore,” said Nelson.

City officials say that the pilot program with Lime ends in November. Lime says it hopes to get scooters in Downtown as early as Summer 2019.