Last-minute shoppers taking advantage of stores open on Christmas Eve

Attention last-minute shoppers: your time has officially run out. Target closed its doors at 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve. It was the last big retailer to close before the holiday.

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the store, people were still shopping, even without stuff on the shelves anymore. 

"Last-minute Santa Claus shopping."

"Last-minute stuff for baking."

Target was one of the latest stores to stay open this Christmas Eve, which came in handy for some shoppers and bakers.

"A couple little things for me, couple little things for my son so we’ll see what happens."

"We’re missing the cookie dough the main ingredient," said Mikey Agostini, who lives in Sanford.

Some people who were going inside to find the perfect gift were dreading it. "I’m hoping so. They’re the only store open right now so I’m like last minute which I never do. This is the first year I’m like last, last minute," said Brandy Tindall, who lives in Geneva.

Some who were coming out from the store were pleasantly surprised. "It’s not crazy at all actually. It’s pretty calm. It’s just everything’s picked over," said Veronica Aguirre.

The emptiest sections were the shoes, the candy aisle and stocking stuffers. Some considered it a Christmas Eve lesson learned.

"Did you ever think you’d be in this position on Christmas Eve?" Fox 35 asked one shopper.

"No, no, no, no, never. I don’t like it either, so I’m just trying to hurry up and get things done so I can get home and do what I need to do." 

Even fewer stores are open on Christmas Day. Pharmacies and gas stations are some of the only businesses open.