Last-minute rush for Orange County businesses ahead of stay-at-home order

With a stay-at-home order going into effect late Thursday in Orange County, some businesses were experiencing a last minute rush.

It’s like a TV telethon for repairs over at Sure Fix Tech. Owner Huy Sam says, "It’s been really crazy lately. Give me a second I’ll get the phone really quick."

As people get ready to binge watch with a stay at home order, many are getting their TVs fixed.

Sam says, "The past 3 or 4 days we’ve had 20-30 people ask are you open can you fix my TV today?"

Over at Computer Tech Solutions, owner Ricardo Deven says, "They find their devices aren’t working."

Deven fixes computers and cell phones.

"As more people get confined and city’s change their laws as to what’s happening, people are coming in more and more." 

Deveno recommends using rubbing alcohol to wipe down your devices. That way everything is sanitized. He has some suggestions.

"Do not leave your laptop plugged in all the time. Use the laptop as normal." 

Deven says his business is consider essential because he's fixing computers. Sal also has advice to make your tv last longer.

"Make sure you turn the backlight of your tv down to 50 percent or less."

He says he’ll continue to work as fast as he can.

"It’s really frustrating because people want it now and the demand is surging."