Lake County road crew rescues emaciated pit bull

A dog found clinging to life is doing better, after she was rescued by some Lake County workers.

Road maintenance worker Matthew Dexter says he was mowing the grass, when he discovered an emaciated pit bull.

"I happened to turn my head ahead and there she was. She had her head sticked up just staring at me," Dexter said. "I stopped the tractor, turned her off and pulled her out of the ditch, best I could without hurting her."

He waved down his co-worker, Aaron Cates.

"I had to hold her head out of the water, till they got there. Makes me pretty angry, pretty upset that anyone can do that to an animal," said Cates. "It's entirely possible she would have died on the side of the road."  

Lake County Animal Services director Whitney Boyleston says the pit bull was most likely abandoned.

"She was too weak to move, she couldn't stand on her own, she had received significant muscle wasting, which is the result of long term deprivation of food," she says.

A rescue group called Pit Sisters took the dog to Jacksonville, where she's getting free medical care.

 "She is up and eating and drinking and we're pretty confident she's gonna have a full recovery."

Such a miracle that the workers named her Glory.

"It's a very glorified thing that we found her."Matthew agrees, "Makes me feel wonderful. I'm happy she's doing better," Cates says.

If you know who Glory's owner is, call Lake County Animal Enforcement at 352-343-2101.

Glory will be put up for adoption in about a month. For more information, visit the Pit Sisters's website.