Gov. Scott relocating storefront recruitment centers to armory in wake of TN shooting

Governor Rick Scott released an executive order on Saturday instructing the Florida Adjunct General to take immediate actions to relocate Florida Guardsmen that work out of storefront recruitment centers.

Scott decided to take these actions after the Tennessee shooting that left five military members dead.

The executive order includes three immediate actions that include relocating Florida National Guard personnel at the state's six storefront recruitment centers to the nearest armory until security of the centers can be improved, starting discussions with local law enforcement to arrange regular security checks and ensure that all qualified, full-time guardsmen are armed for their personal protection, officials said.

Scott addressed the media in West Palm Beach Saturday afternoon.

"I am responsible for our National Gaurd, but I would expect every recruitment office around the country to be safe. What I can deal with is our National Guard recruitment offices and I'm going to make sure they're safe," Scott said.

Homeland Security expert Christopher Hinn applauds the move, and said more action needs to be taken to keep "soft targets" safe at home. 

"This is wide open. Why wouldn't they have security or a buffer zone before you get into the building?" Hinn said. 

"Here we should be able to at least protect our facilities, our infrastructure, our utilities, our power plants … and we have the National Guard. We have the people, let's utilize them, let's put them to work," Hinn said.