Reedy Creek firefighter union endorses Governor DeSantis despite law dissolving district

During a campaign stop in Orlando Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Ron DeSantis was endorsed for reelection by the Florida Professional Firefighters.

While the governor has signed a law to dissolve the Reedy Creek Improvement District, its fire union said they're confident their members will be taken care of.

Jon Shirey, the president of the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Association, gave his endorsement along with other union leaders in front of a crowd of members at a hotel in Orlando. They cited legislation providing firefighters with cancer coverage, banning vaccine mandates and an investment in urban rescue crews.

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Shirey, who only represents the union and not the district, said he believes more than 200 firefighters at Reedy Creek will still have jobs if the district is dissolved.

"There was no deal that we struck with him or that he struck with us for this endorsement," Shirey said in an interview after the event. "We’ve just looked at the actions and the legislation that he’s passed on behalf of first responders in the state of Florida, so it was a no-brainer for us."

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"In the State of Florida, we’ve got your back," DeSantis said about firefighters during his speech. "We understand how important the mission is, and we’ll be doing what we can continue to do in the future to build off the great record of success."

A spokesperson for the Reedy Creek Improvement District told FOX 35 they have no update on what will happen to the district.