FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Florida DOH, several labs in dispute over COVID-19 data

Seven major medical groups are now claiming the Florida Health Department of Health's COVID-19 numbers are not being reported accurately.

Since a FOX 35 investigation, last week revealing some laboratories weren’t reporting negative COVID-19 results, the state has updated some numbers. For example, the Orlando VA Medical Center showed a positivity rate of 76% last week. On Thursday, it is 9%.  However, many others, are still the same, with hundreds of labs showing a positivity rate of 100%.

FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: FDOH says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results  

Now, another FOX 35 investigation into claims that people were receiving test results even though they were never tested. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he has heard this enough to believe it’s happening and the state has already investigated it’s test sites.

“We’ve looked at our state sites and we have not found examples of that but I know most folks who have talked about it. I think those were more private sites that they were talking about, but bottom line, it’s something that we want to get to the bottom of,” said DeSantis.

FOX 35 EXCLUSIVE: Labs directed to only report positive COVID-19 tests

The state is asking people to come forward, so they can find out where this is happening.

To our latest investigation, digging into Florida’s COVID-19 deaths. A record 173 deaths were reported overnight Thursday. The governor said the number is not what it sounds like.

FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Medical examiner explains how COVID-19 death is determined

“When the state reports that, that’s not saying that those deaths occurred last night.  They will report them -- if you look by the date of death, so sometimes they could go back months. I think they’ve gotten better, but those have probably been over a several week period,” said DeSantis.

We’ve asked the Department of Health, over and over, to explain its process with the numbers. It hasn’t responded to us in over a week.