Florida school welcomes students back with lip-syncing video, encourages them to 'Be Nice'

Gotha Middle School teachers created a lip-syncing video to Black-Eyed Pea's new song, Be Nice, to encourage students to be kind to each other as they head back to school for the new year.

Around 40 teachers were featured in the video, which features them riding on skateboards and scooters and sporting smiley faces made out of yellow paper plates.

"The message is just so powerful," said first year teacher Kelly Sanchez, who teaches seventh grade math. "It's so simple but it's so powerful. Just be nice."

As of Thursday morning the video had over 12-thousand views on the school's YouTube page. Principal Monica Emery said even Will.I.Am from Black-Eyed Peas shared the video on Facebook.

Principal Emery said the musician's team reached out to her as well.

"They're going to share the media on Black Eyed Peas' social media as well," she said. "I think they're going to film a reaction from the Black Eyed Peas to send back to the school because they were so excited about the video."

Principal Emery said the team is also sending teachers "Be Nice" t-shirts so they can promote the message year-round.

"It was totally awesome," SAFE Coordinator Angela Nealy said about the attention from the music group. "I don't think any of us were sleeping that night."

But teachers say their main goal is to inspire students to be kind to each other every day. "We want them to know we are a team and we still get along and even though we're different. We are nice to each other," Nealy said.

"In middle school I feel like they're learning how to be a grown-up," said Principal Emery. "They're learning about who they're going to be as an adult and so it's very important for us to take a big part in that and teach them that kindness matters."

Gotha Middle School's theme this year is "be nice" and positive messages are posted throughout the school to reinforce it. Principal Emery said when teachers heard the song over the summer they knew they had to make the video. It only took about thirty minutes to film it. The principal said students love the video and they plan on making more in the future.

Gotha Middle School has made several lip-syncing videos over the years.