Affordable Florida Staycations: What to expect at the historic Castle Hotel

If you're looking for an affordable staycation, you'll want to visit Pass-a- Grille, Florida – the home of the Castle Hotel. 

The charming beachside hotel was built in 1906 and is the oldest consecutively running hotel on Florida’s Gulf Coast. 

It faces the Gulf of Mexico, offering guests postcard-worthy views of the surf, sand, and sunsets. 

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The hotel has 14 rooms which have changed very little over the years, the hotel's website states. The rooms still have original wood floors, layouts, closets and bathrooms. 

It's located on a Florida island where local businesses are celebrated.  Castle Hotel's websites states there are no chain businesses on the island.

Nightlife is essentially nonexistent on the island, but if you're a fan of good food, and outdoor excursions like kayaking, fishing, or biking, Castle Hotel says it's the perfect place for you.

Room rates are from $100 to $180 per night, according to its website

To make a reservation, you're asked to call 727-289-8767 or email