Flagler sheriff warns drivers to be alert after accused street racer crashes into patrol car

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said it's been a busy week on the highways with the end of Bike Week and beginning of Spring Break 2022. There has also been some chaos, with road rage and street racing.

Sheriff Staly said a driver was racing another car at 111 miles per hour, before crashing into a patrol car. 

"One driver lost control of his car and spun around, hit our patrol car, injuring the deputy. Fortunately not seriously and then took off and fled the scene of the crash."

He says both the bumper and license plate fell off the suspect’s car, so deputies were able to track down 23-year-old Brandon Ingram at home and arrest him.

"That orange Charger beside me ran me off the road," Ingram told a deputy, who replied, "Ok, well you hit one of our police vehicles and never stopped and caused an airbag to deploy in the police vehicle." 

When asked about that deputy's condition, Sheriff Staly said, "He’s fine. I spoke him today. He’s more upset about his patrol car, because it got damaged."

Two hours before the incident occurred, Sheriff Staly said motorcyclists surrounded a driver during a road rage incident. 

"They surrounded him and basically take revenge on whatever the traffic incident was."  

Sheriff Staly said they’re still looking for the suspects. He is warning drivers to be careful, especially during Spring Break. 

"Traffic is heavier, people are doing more stupid things. Like the racing we saw."

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