First responders warn people about dangerous temperatures

As firefighters from Orange County Station 41 suited up for calls Tuesday, they packed a bit extra water and prepared for a much hotter fight than even they often deal with.

Heat indexes in Central Florida hit the 106-degree range Tuesday, even going higher for some. 

Leaders at Orange County Fire Rescue said they had already seen the shock of the heat on some of the calls they were responding to.

"We had one call where it was as simple as an older person moving a couch outside for just a few minutes and they were overcome by the heat,” said OCFRD Spokesman Mike Jachles.

Jachles said even a few firefighters had to be treated early in the week for heat exposure.

Firefighters are stressing the importance of hydration right now, and they say a little water won’t do the trick. 

They recommend anyone who has to be outside to bring extra fluids.

"July is on average our hottest month here in Central Florida, so we do expect for those temperatures to continue climbing, and we want to educate the public on how to stay safe in this heat,” said OCFR spokeswoman Ashley Gipson.

Experts are also encouraging people to stay indoors for the time being, as the area gets through this hot spell.