FDOT to spend $1M on St. Johns River bridge security

The Florida Department of Transportation is providing some answers to FOX 35 about why it plans to spend nearly a million dollars on making sure the Interstate 4 bridge over the St. Johns River is secure. FDOT Spokesman Steve Olson old us the bridge carries between 110,00 and 115,000 vehicle every day, but he was a bit more elusive when asked if the agency considered that bridge a terror target.

"When you are dealing with structures like bridges or any sort of major infrastructure, yes you have to take due care. With the I-4 bridge we want to keep eyes on it."

Olson did say that bridge does have a system in place currently that the FDOT monitors.

"The equipment that is out there was put in when that bridge was redone, so we are looking at over 10 year old electronic equipment that is out there."

One major concern is that the area under the bridge is easily accessible by boat. Olson only gave some specifics about how the nearly one million dollars will be spent.

"Basically its a security system, cameras that are positioned at the bridge and then some other things that will keep eyes on that I-4 bridge."

The cost of the security has escalated since the FDOT first decided to replace the equipment according to Olson.

"With the economy starting to kick in gear again, costs are starting to go up for equipment and other things that you need for these projects."

The company that will oversee construction on this project was originally slated to get a little more than 60 thousand dollars. Now they will receive more than $110,000 to manage the construction.