Seminole County official: Don't expect 24/7 vaccine sites any time soon

Appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine appointments in Seminole County are going fast. 

"Currently, we can do almost 1,500 per day at our sites, and we look to expand that to a little over 2,500 within the next week," Seminole County Emergency Management Director Alan Harris said.

Right now, he’s working to move their shot clinic in the Oviedo Mall into a bigger area by this weekend to accommodate giving even more vaccines daily. 

"I was on a call earlier today [Tuesday]. The state asked how many we could do at our point of distribution and we can do about 4,000 at our distribution per day. Then, of course, we still have the mobile site which can do upwards of 400 a day. We could get up to around 5,000 a day relatively easy," Harris said.

Around the country, some larger cities like New York, Los Angeles and Glendale are ramping up 24/7 shot clinics. 

FOX 35 News asked Harris if that’s something Seminole County would consider. 

"I saw one report that Arizona has a 24/7 operation. They’re going to do 6,000, hoping to do 6,000, a day. Our facility, we’re hoping to move into over the weekend, we can do 4,000 during daytime operations, so it wouldn’t be that much different," Harris said. 

At this point, Harris says with the amount of vaccine Seminole County is receiving, a 24/7 operation does not make sense, explaining that the state only allotted 5,000 vaccines to Seminole County this week. 

"The issue is can you do 5,000 a day and then just shut it off for multiple days? Well, it's hard to keep nurses. You can’t keep the nurses employed because you have nothing for them to do anymore. We have staggered it off a little bit. It allows us to have a little more social distancing, and it allows us to keep those temporary nurses on staff, contracted employees on staff," Harris said. 

When asked if that’s something Seminole County leaders would consider in the future. Harris said they would likely set up an additional vaccine clinic in another part of the county instead.