'Disney Family Culinary Adventure' lets guests cook with chefs, then enjoy 5-course meal

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is introducing a program where guests can interact with Disney chefs, immerse themselves in a hands-on cooking experience and then enjoy a five-course dinner they’ve just prepared.

The Disney Family Culinary Adventure kicks off on July 8 and is aimed at guests 9 and older.

The evening starts at 5 p.m. with an introduction to the catering kitchen. A maximum of 30 guests put on aprons, hats and gloves and are divided into five cooking groups..

“We want to show them the tricks of the trade,” says Chef Frank Rough. “It’s a guided experience but they do everything from making cheese and butter to rolling out pasta and breaking down a whole beef tenderloin.”

The five stations:

  •     Grade manger, is the French term for food produced in the cold kitchen. Guests learn how to make cheese, butter, and plate a salad
  •     Sushi, where sushi chefs teaching the art of rolling sushi and mishmash.
  •     Gaucherie, or butcher station, where guests learn how to trim a beef tenderloin to make the perfect filet mignon.
  •     Pasta, where guests learn to make tender noodles from scratch, along with fresh basil pesto.
  •     Patisserie, or bakery, where guests get to play with chocolate, mousse and other sweets.

Once the food prep is complete, guests can move freely about the big kitchen to chat with the chefs. Then everyone is seated at a long table in the center of the kitchen to enjoy the five-course meal they’ve just prepared.

The program is planned two evenings a week (days vary). Cost is $175 plus tax, $125 plus tax for ages 9 to 12.  To book or for more information, call 407-WDW-PLAY.

Information taken from Disney Parks Blog.