Deputies searching for man involved in fight outside bar that left victim in critical condition

An Orange County man is fighting for his life after the sheriff’s office says he was punched outside of a bar during a confrontation over stolen money.

Kevin Dunn is being treated at Florida Hospital, while the man who investigators say put him there is still on the street.

“I’m devastated, it’s breaking my heart,” Dunn’s ex-wife, Julie Kellam, said about the situation.

Dunn’s family is praying that he’ll pull through. We’re told the 59-year-old is in critical condition and on life support.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says Dunn was at a bar along Edgewater Drive Tuesday night.
Surveillance video has been released of the moments leading up to the confrontation.

Investigators say Dunn, who apparently had just bought a drink for the suspect, leaves some cash for a tip and walks out. Deputies say the suspect then took the money and headed out the door as well.  The bartender follows, and then there was some sort of fight in the parking lot.

“The suspect punches the victim, the victim falls and hits his head,” said Jeff Williamson, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

"He was trying to protect the bartender, and then he ends up in critical care, on life support.  We don't know how that endings going to come out now. He is all I have left of my family," said Dunn’s sister, April Bonnell.  

Family members say Dunn is a father of two, grandfather and Navy veteran.

“If this man would have asked Kevin for anything, he would have given it to him,” Kellam said. 

"I'm his worst nightmare," said bartender Anne Kennedy about the man who punched Dunn, adding that she will do  whatever it takes to get the culprit under arrest.  "I can identify him. I witnessed what happened.  I will go down to the police station, and I will do whatever is necessary to put this man behind bars."

While Dunn was a regular at the bar, investigators say no one seems to know who the suspect is. That’s why they need the public’s help.

“A good guy is laying there and probably over 20 bucks,” said Bonnell. “Twenty dollars. Somebody’s life is worth 20 bucks? I just don’t see it.”

Anyone who may be to identify the suspect is asked to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).


FOX 35's Kirstin Delgado contributed to this report.