DC man offers refuge to nearly 100 protesters to protect them from injury and arrest

To protect protesters from injury, Rahul Dubey opened his doors to over 100 people in Northwest following a citywide curfew.

FOX 5’s Maureen Umeh was outside of the homes on Swann Street in the Logan Circle area when dozens of demonstrators waited until after 6 a.m. to come outside.

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Many in the group told her that they were chased off of the streets prior to the start of Monday night's curfew. The protesters told Umeh they were cornered by officers, pelted with rubber bullets and tear gassed. 

Some residents stepped out their homes to usher them inside to protect protesters from injury, one of which was Dubey.

He told Maureen it looked like a tsunami of people coming down the road and all he could is open his door to let people in to get to safety.

“Everyone was pinned in, you could see it coming.” Dubey said, “You felt there was this evil in the air and this kind of dark cloud hovering.”

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Shortly after he said there was screaming and pepper spray was being released.

That was the moment Dubey started ushering people inside his home.

Demonstrators denied reports that their group was responsible for damage to homes and looting that was reported Monday night. Some protestors Umeh spoke with said they believed many who were looting during the protests were opportunists taking advantage of the situation.