Dad's text messages to daughter asking advice on his first date outfit goes viral

(Carli Saville)

It's a question most people ask when they're about to go on their first date: what should I wear?

Single dad Jeff Saville recently had that dilemma and turned to his 19-year-old daughter, Carli, for some fashion advice. 

Carli, a student at Texas State University, posted their adorable text conversation to Twitter. The photos show her dad trying on two different outfits as he's getting ready for his date. As he sends the photos, Carli gives him suggestions, such as tucking the shirt in or wearing a belt. Jeff even replies 'Hello' a couple of times when it seems Carli was taking too long to reply.

“Life with a single dad, asking for advice on dad outfits,” she wrote. “My heart."

The internet found their exchange adorable and the tweet went viral. 

"He's so cute," wrote one commenter. "We will protect him forever."

A restaurant that saw the tweet even offered to pay for the first date! 

"Dinner on us if he brings a date," Kobe San Marcos wrote.

Sadly, it turns out that Jeff got stood up. 

Of course, that didn't sit right with Jeff's new fans. Determined to hook him up, they started posting photos of their single mom's looking for love!

"This my mom and I....she's single and wild," wrote user @montgomeryskye.   

Twitter user @addilove14 wrote, "My momma needs a mannnn."

Carli tells FOX 35 News that since her tweet went viral, Jeff has been keeping his personal life a bit more private. 

With all the offers he's getting, we hope Jeff finds a new love soon!