Couple's rad, '80s-inspired engagement photo shoot goes viral: 'Best pictures I've ever seen'

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Because what's a more romantic – or fashionable – decade than the '80s?

Apparently none — at least not to newly engaged couple Madison Moxley and Mason Whitis, who decided to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with a silly '80s-inspired photo shoot at none other than the classic department store JC Penney's.


The pair, who met on Tinder two years ago, each dressed in gaudy gear including acid-washed jeans, oversized sweaters and tube socks.

"Your girl is getting married!" Moxley captioned the series of photos, which have gone viral across social media.

The nostalgia-packed photo shoot involved the couple in classic '80s postures in front of a watercolor gray background.

Dozens of people on Facebook responded with laughing emoji and claims that "this will be us," for their own engagement pictures.

"That's awesome!" one person posted on Facebook.

"I love this," another wrote.

"These are the best pictures I've ever seen," another commented.

Though the hilarious pictures have been massively popular for their unusual aesthetic, Moxley shared in a long Facebook post that they are just par for course for the couple and their "unique relationship," which has seen the two through many situations including "eaten a brain burger, bungee jumped, performed improv, broken bones, had surgeries, lost weight, discussed just how attractive Chris Hemsworth really is, gained weight, moved to the city, graduated college."

"Humor has been the centerpiece of our relationship. Mason does whatever he can do to make me laugh. You may think these photos were my idea, but Mason is the real mastermind," the aspiring stand-up comedian shared.

"I make him laugh too, but mostly because he likes to make fun of me (out of love)," she added.

The couple has not confirmed what the wardrobe for the wedding will be, but if it's anything like the photo shoot, one can safely anticipate a lot of puffy sleeves.