Volusia County council votes to keep short-term rental ordinance in place

Tuesday, Volusia County council members faced a tough and controversial decision as they decided the fate of short-term rentals in the county.

Council members voted 5-2 to keep the current ordinance as is. This means short-term rentals under 30 days will still not be allowed in unincorporated residential areas of the county. 

The ordinance applies to communities like Bethune Beach. 

Those who wanted the rules to change said a 30-day requirement is not attainable for most families wanting to vacation in the county.

"It’s not something families do. You get a week off, you bring the family down, you go to the beach," said one man during public comment. 

Supporters of vacation rentals under 30 days also argued they boosted local tourism and brought in tax dollars to the county. 

But this was a fight Bethune Beach residents did not take lightly. They fought long and hard to make their voices heard, attending every meeting. 

They argue rentals under 30 days turn their communities into revolving doors. They also say complaints are hard to manage. 

"We’re in a residential community. When you start to have all these pop up, it’s no longer a residential community, it's a commercial zone. That's not what we signed up for," said one homeowner during public comment. 

Five council members voted to keep the current ordinance in place. County chair and councilwoman Heather Post voted against it.