Convention Center gets $381K planning software

The Orange County Convention Center will get new software to help planners set up their conventions at a cost of $381,000 over five years. Sales Director Rodney Gutierrez says it will help the people that book shows plan in advance.  "Clients want to know right now if I am looking at a hall or meeting room, how does it fit for my needs."

If you go to the Convention Center's website currently, Gutierrez says what you will see there is outdated. Currently we have an interactive floor plan that you would go on through our website. The challenge is that it is a java script. It is somewhat outdated. A lot of companies don't use the Java."  

In fact, we were unable to use the current planning software because our security systems would not allow the older Java version to run. Gutierrez was happy the Orange County Board of Commissioners approved a new deal with a company called Concept 3D.

"The beauty of it with the new software is that it allows us to do 3D, so clients can actually create a room, draw a room for their specific needs."  

The software allows users to take a convention hall and map it in 3D. Gutierrez says they are also getting unlimited licenses for the 381 thousand dollars so planners anywhere in the world that are looking to rent a hall can plan their event.  "We want to be able to show the planners that not only do we have some of the best space in the country, but now you can actually see it come to life."

Tourist taxes will be used to buy that software.