Cocoa mayor speaks about son's arrest

Cocoa Mayor Jake Williams Jr. says he’s very upset about the arrest of his son, adding he had no clue he was involved in any illegal activity.

Jake Williams III is charged with racketeering and drug trafficking. Deputies say he was the ringleader. Mayor Williams talked to us about the arrest.

"As a parent I’m very disappointed. There was no signs, there was nothing there. Him and his wife lived a modest life. They were separated at the time. No new vehicles older vehicles. I consider myself a smart person, but I didn’t see anything," says Mayor Williams.

Williams says it’s been tough coming to terms with the charges brought against his son, but he says he will continue to love and support him, as much as he can.

"I’m just waiting to see what happens and wait to get to the bottom of  what’s going on and get all the facts."

He says his son passed on a message through his daughter.

"He just said tell dad I’m sorry."

Williams III is being held on a $2.9 million bond. The mayor says he doesn’t plan to post any of that bond or help him get out of jail.