City of Apopka partners with COVID Safe Pass app to keep customers safe

Some businesses struggling to survive during the coronavirus pandemic are getting some help thanks to a new app.

Employers and employees answer a series of questions using the COVID Safe Pass app. If they pass, the business receives a "Gold Seal Standard," so that customers know staff members have been screened for possible exposure to COVID-19.

"Businesses that want the Gold Seal are supposed to have their employees go through there," explained Ryan Mezzell with Medek Health, "and they’re all gonna take the assessment." 

After answering questions about your health on the COVID Safe Pass app, you might be directed to a telemedicine doctor and even a testing site.

"You’ll be able to talk to a medical provider and get guidance that way as well," Mezzell said.

Medek Health's Safe Pass app is partnering with the City of Apopka.

So if you need to get tested, you can get a free antibody test, which tells you if you have COVID-19 or if you had it at one time.

Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson says businesses that take part will earn a Gold Seal Standard sign to put in their window so customers know it’s safe to enter. The businesses will be listed on the Safe Pass app. So far, 15 have joined the voluntary program. Carlos Fuentes, the owner of Marco’s Pizza, plans to join the program.

"I think it would be a huge help to us to make sure our staff is safe and our customers know that we’re doing our best to make sure they’re safe as well," Fuentes said.

Under the Gold Seal program, businesses will also be required to continue taking temperatures of employees and customers, require that masks be worn, and have special arrangements for people with underlying health conditions.

The COVID Safe Pass app will be available on Apple and Android in about a month.  Here's the link online: 

To sign up for the Gold Seal program, email Nicole Kennedy, at the City of Apopka: