Check out the latest in tech for your home at the Orlando Home and Garden Show

The 10th annual Orlando Fall Home and Garden Show is at the Orange County Convention Center until August 25th.

Dozens of companies and business owners will display the latest products and services for your home, landscape. Exhibits include, spas, pools, tiny homes, entertainment systems, contractors, remodelers, kitchenware, plants and landscape displays.

There will also the “Life-Changing Products” exhibition that will showcase the latest tech products on the market.

“People want to see what’s new,” said Boyce Thompson, the exhibit’s curator. “Most of the products in here were crowd-funded where people paid in advance to be one of the first in the neighborhood to get one of these products so here’s a chance to actually see them.”

Thompson will be displaying a $300 robotic, solar-powered weed whacker called Tertill, made by Franklin Robotics.

“It can tell the difference between a plant you want to keep and one you want to eliminate,” Thompson said.

Thompson will also be showing off a smart home weather station that costs $250. 

“You put these modules around the yard and in your house and it’ll tell you at your doorstep how much rain you got the night before. It’ll tell you if you've had an indoor air pollution event, like say somebody was cooking something particularly nauseous. It’ll tell you to open the window.”

Other tech gadgets he plans on showing off include Aibo, a robotic dog that can do tricks and play music and a $500 Yamaha Music Cast that can play vinyl records through wireless speakers.

Tickets for the Orlando Fall Home and Garden Show are eight dollars. The show is open from 12-6 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.