Celebration family honors son's memory by promoting organ donation

A Celebration family who lost their son made the heart wrenching decision to donate his organs one year ago. Now their mission is to spread the gift of life that can come from organ donations with others.

"He was fun," Dylan Rowe’s mother Tammy Lee said. "He wanted to be everyone’s friend."

Dylan Rowe was 27 years old when he died suddenly on October 31, 2021. His nickname was ‘turtle.’ One year later his mom and stepdad still feel his presence.

During an interview with FOX 35 a turtle appeared in the water next to them.

"It’s a sign," Rowe’s stepdad Ken Lee said. "It’s a sign."

Part of Dylan is still here. Through organ donation he was able to save three lives.

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"It gives me peace to know that he’s at peace, but that he still lives on," Tammy Lee said.

The Lee’s are owners of Celebration Sanitation. They have partnered with Florida’s organ procurement organization OurLegacy. Their newest service truck features a new wrap honoring Dylan while encouraging others in the community to register to become organ donors. It was unveiled at AdventHealth with the healthcare workers who helped care for Dylan.

"We don’t regret it at all that we made that decision because Dylan’s legacy will live on," Ken Lee said. 

According to DonateLife.org, an organ donor has the power to save eight lives. Dylan’s two kidneys and liver gave three people a second chance.

"As much pain as you go through, it just gives you more peace," Tammy Lee said. "To be able to say I helped save three lives by losing my son and not being selfish."