Caretaker accused of abusing elderly woman, attacking deputy

The Lake County Sheriff's Office said a disturbing 911 call was received on Tuesday night, reporting alleged abuse of an elderly woman.  

“Her face is all bloodied up and she has marks all over her neck and her chest where he put his foot, stomped on her face and chest,” a woman told 911.  “I just can’t look at her and know that he did that and not call you all.”

Deputies said a neighbor made that call for help to report that a 65-year-old disabled woman was brutally beaten by her live-in caregiver. 

The trouble started after 10 p.m. at a residence on Rabbit Road in Altoona, according to the Sheriff's Office.   Sgt. Fred Jones explained that the victim was lying down outside on her wheelchair ramp when her caretaker, Scott Shaw, started attacking her.  

“According to deputies, he actually stomped on her and then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her in the house,” Sgt. Jones said.  

He said Shaw then pulled out a knife, threatening to kill the elderly woman.  

“He actually used the words ‘I will gut you,’” Jones explained. 

The woman who called 911 tells FOX 35 News that the victim called her for help.

“She was yelling and screaming for somebody to help her,” the woman told 911.  

When deputies arrived on the scene, Sgt. Jones says Shaw made it clear he was not happy to see them.   

“He actually threated the deputy. He said, ‘Let's go.’  He had his fists balled up he stepped up and snatched the badge off one of the deputies and threw it on the floor,” said Sgt. Jones.

Investigators took the suspect into custody.  Sgt. Jones said Shaw has a violent past that includes domestic abuse charges.  He added that Shaw never should have been trusted as a caregiver.

“We don’t know what would have happened if that neighbor had not intervened and called 911,” said Sgt. Jones.

Shaw is now being held on an $18,000 bond. The neighbor who called 911 tells FOX 35 News that the victim is still in the hospital being treated for her injuries.