Car slams into Orlando home

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A driver slammed into an Orange County home shortly before 5 a.m. on Monday.

All that is keeping part of the Orange County home from falling apart is two tires on the car inside the carport.

The woman who lives at the home damaged, Brendaliz Quintana, says that "They told me I"m not allowed to be in this area or move the car or nothing because the wall right there -- my car tires are supporting the wall."

Neighbors on Jordan Avenue in Orlando woke up to find the tire tracks carved into their front yards, indicating where the wild ride came to a destructive end. 

The next door neighbor tells Fox 35 that the driver veered off course and it crashed into the carport. The car kept going all the way over to this driveway hitting three more cars. A total of five cars were damaged.

Gan Paul, a person whose family car was damaged, says that "It was like something was exploding outside of the house."

The man inside the vehicle, 51-year-old Jose Diaz, was cut out of the car and taken away in an ambulance. Florida Highway Patrol says that he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries and was ticketed for careless driving and driving without a valid license.

Gan Paul went on to say that "Thank Lord that everyone is okay. You can buy a car, you cannot buy your life."

Now these neighbors are left to clean up the mess and hope that insurance will cover all of that damage.