Body cam released in takedown of man accused of trying to drown his son

Body cam video from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office shows the moments they took down and arrested Wilkens Ordena in March.

The footage shows a late-night chase ending in Orange County. 

Inside the car is Wilkens Ordena, the man Orange County deputies say tried to drown his own son in a pool in March.

Fox 35 spoke with the toddler’s mother Tuesday. 

The boy, Kameron, is doing just fine now. 

“That’s what hurts me the most is that he had to go through it. My son is much happier. That’s what I can notice from him, that he is way happier,” said Shantia Warren, the boy's mother.

Deputies say Ordena tried to drown his nearly 2-year-old son because he was angry his father was babysitting him that night. 

After family members rescued the boy from the pool, Ordena drove off, crashed into deputies’ vehicles and kept going until the moments shown in the body cam footage.

Deputies work hard to get Ordena out of the car, but he won’t budge. 

They’re forced to smash open his windows just to open the door and drag him out of the car.

“Karma don’t show up when you want her to, but she do show up that’s what I can say,” Warren said. “I can’t believe it. I can’t. But every day that I wake up, my son is still with me. That’s what makes my tears go away, but it still hurts.”

Ordena is still locked up in Orange County. He’s due back in court in July.