Bible ban in Brevard County? The Bible is latest under review by school district

Banning certain pieces of literature in Florida schools is becoming a hot topic in schools. State law allows parents a say in what books schools can or can’t have in their libraries.

Brevard County Public Schools confirmed to FOX 35 that the Bible is one of the books under review.  The district wasn’t able to elaborate any further on the request for the review.

This is not the first time it has been challenged in Florida schools. The Bible was challenged in Leon County earlier this year and in Escambia County last year.

Repeated attempts to challenge books across Florida are drawing criticism from groups like PEN America. Jonathan Friedman, Director of Free Expression and Education Programs told FOX 35, because of state laws expanding book challenge powers the idea of banning the Bible doesn’t surprise him."If that’s the standard that’s going to be used, I think some activists are trying to say, well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too," he said.

Friedman doesn’t believe the Bible should be banned, he says it plays an important role in literature.

"I hope the Bible isn’t banned. I also hope that this movement to ban books which have gotten so widespread. I hope it just gives us sort of pause for a minute and consider that it doesn’t make any sense to have schools cater to any one particular group."

According to PEN America Florida ranks second, and Texas ranks first, with the highest number of book removals.