BIBA is company behind 'smart playground' revolution

Getting screen savvy kids outdoors and engaged is the mission of 'BIBA,' the company behind the new smart playground revolution.

"It just makes so much sense to put technology with play, says BIBA spokesperson Kaleigh DeHart.  "Kids are already doing that every day and this really takes it to the next level meshing it with the playground everyone knows from their childhood."

There are more than 2-thousand smart playgrounds across the country designed with this signature interactive digital play technology.  Parents download the BIBA game app on their smartphone.  The different themed games set up a mission integrated into the playground equipment.  The child goes back and forth to the parent for new clues and direction.

"It's just a great thing to see that we have apps that even I can join in, says Stacey.  "Especially with her at such a young age, says one park Mom.  It's important to get her outside and physically active, and combine the two."

Landscape plays an important role in the BIBA playgrounds using the screen time for both play time and quality time.  It's a benefit for both the parent and the child.

"I think the concept is terrific, says Stacey.  Just the idea of combining technology, which is not going anywhere despite the fact that most parents want to fight it.  We might as well integrate it and find a healthy way to do so."

There are 55 smart playgrounds in Florida designed for use with the BIBA app with 10 in the Orlando area.