Bears show up for Thanksgiving in Apopka neighborhood

An Apopka family had some unwanted guests for Thanksgiving, but they weren’t going to let bears eat all the turkey.

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the yard, there were several creatures stirring catching neighbors off guard.

“They don't bother you that much. You just got to be cautious because the mom is very protective,” said Celeste Landrau, of Apopka.

These bears are often seen in the Deer Lake community in Apopka, including Wednesday night on camera.

“They kind of leave a trail going that way towards her house and they'll kind of stay in this area,” she said.

Celeste Landrau’s neighbor installed a camera to see when Mama Bear and her cub are nearby. Celeste installed motion lights.

“You’ll see them because the motion lights will come on and then we'll see it out there,” said Landrau.

Some moved their garbage indoors to keep the bears away. 

“I don’t know if the mom will charge through the screen.”

But, they just kept coming back. 

Celeste feels thankful this Thanksgiving to not be attacked by bears.

“It would be nicer to live in a neighborhood that didn't have bears, but we kind of have to coexist somehow,” she said.