Air conditioning at several Melbourne schools goes out

The air conditioning has failed at three Melbourne schools and it's not the first time.

"It started getting a little bit hot and she told us the A/C was not working," says fifth grader Malia Jimenez. She says that her classroom got so hot, she got a headache and went to the clinic. "When I left the classroom, it was 90 something degrees in there."

Parents formed lines outside of three West Melbourne schools to check their students out. Many of them received a notification tha tone air conditioning system for three schools malfunctioned. There was reportedly an electrical problem with the A/C chillers.

Classrooms heated up quickly at Meadowland Primary, Intermediate, and Central. By noon, the heat index is going over 100 outside and inside, more than 3,000 students were affected. 

Some parents couldn't get their kids fast enough. "I was at work and I ahd to leave to come pick her up so I could only get out as soon as I could get out," said one parent. 

Police say the school's servers, which operate digital phone lines, stopped working after they overheated.