Actor Adam Sandler calls Melbourne teen fighting cancer

There've been more than a few heart-wrenching father-and-son talks between Shane Robbins, and his son Gaige, who is suffering from an aggressive and deadly form of lymphatic cancer.

"No parent should have to be in this situation," the Melbourne father said. "Sure shouldn't have to worry about burying their own kid."

And that reality forced a difficult conversation about what the 19-year-old wanted to do before he dies.

Gaige made an ambitious bucket list, so much so that his father questioned whether the ones at the top were even possible.

"His bucket list was go to Ireland, and some other place that we are never going to be able to do," his father said. "The other place we will not be able to do is meet Adam Sandler. He's not going to have time for this."

Gaige disagreed.

"For me not to put Adam Sandler on my bucket list, for me, is just insane," Gaige said.

The fact is, Adam Sandler has always made Gaige laugh, no matter how many times he's seen the actor and comedian's movies. So when Gaige's bucket list was posted on his Facebook support page, people started making phone calls.

On Tuesday, the hospital phone that never rings, rang.

"The guy on the phone says, 'Adam Sandler wanting to talk to Gaige Robbins,'" Gaige's father said.

Gaige said that phone call reflected the love and support he has behind him, as well as revealed his favorite movie star's character.

"It showed me the level of how much he cared for his fans," said Gaige, "that he made sure he got that connection with me."

"That is truly a heartfelt gesture on his part that I felt, and my son did too," Shane said.