3 shot at Daytona Beach hotel, suspect in custody

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A suspect is in custody following a deadly shooting Thursday the Sun Plaza Motel on South Ridgewood Avenue.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri said officers arrested Marcus Pinckney, 40, late Thursday morning.  He is accused of shooting three men around 2:15 a.m. in the parking lot of the motel.  A 57-year-old man died and two others were taken to the hospital in stable condition.  Surveillance video from the motel shows a suspect pulling up to the motel, shooting the victims and then pulling away.

“You don’t get that type of video in a lot of cases.  Especially homicide cases,” Capri said.

Capri said the surviving victims and an eyewitness was cooperating with investigators. They identified Pinckney as the shooter in the surveillance video.

“The guy who [did] it, everybody knows him.  He knows there’s video cameras here and he obviously didn’t care,” said motel manager Charles Urban.

Urban said the victims have been living in the motel for more than two years—two of the men living in Unit 4 and the other man living with his wife a few doors down.  

According to Capri, the victims were “in business” with Pinckney.

“You’d have to live here to understand, but there was a lot of homeless people.  A lot of prostitutes. And they seemed to always gravitate to number 4,” Urban said.