13-year-old surfer bitten by shark wins surfing competition

In his first competition since being bitten by a shark, 13-year-old Logan Radd has won in his age division in the USA Prime. So now, he’s going to Disney World!

 "Look out for sharks more."  That's what Radd says fellow surfers told him half-joking, half-serious when he came back to competition, fully-recovered from foot injuries caused by a blacktip shark.

Back in September when we met Logan in his folk’s living room in Satellite Beach, he had 19 stitches. 

This time our conversation happened over a video call in a car on his way to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate his comeback and big win. 

We asked how he felt about returning to the sport, given that he could’ve lost his foot. 

 "It just all came back to me, and then I won the final," Radd said.

On the night of the victory, he celebrated with a double cheeseburger.

There will be more surfing events in the months ahead in Puerto Rico, North Carolina and New Jersey.