While potential hurricane looms, some areas already dealing with flooding problems

While Central Florida braces for a potential hurricane to make landfall next week, some areas are already dealing with flooding problems.

Over the past year, the edge of Clearwater Lake in Apopka has continued to creep higher into people's backyards. For the past five years, residents say flooding has made a playground and gazebo inaccessible.

"As the waters rise and take away my backyard, that’s a big cleanup job," said Venus Griffith, who lives on the lake. "And the more it does that, that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars."

While Venus Griffith is worried about losing more of her yard, her main concern is hurricane winds blowing over trees that stand in the soaked soil.

She's gone to the city for help but says it hasn't offered a solution.

"Cat 3 to Cat 5, do I have to move out? Do I have to put my furniture in storage because you guys didn’t want to do anything until a disaster happened back here? I don’t think so," Griffith said.

A few miles away in the Vistas at Water's Edge neighborhood, residents say a new development partially filled their retaining pond with dirt.

A recent storm caused roads to flood and dirty water to fill someone's pool.

They also worry next week could be way worse.

"What failed before, how’s that not going to happen again?" said Eric Mock, the HOA's president.

On Friday, The City of Apopka said it will provide sandbags if it becomes necessary, but it's unclear when that would be.

Orange County is offering sandbags at several locations over the weekend.