Two Royal Caribbean cruise ships depart from Port Canaveral for first time

The Harmony of The Seas, the second largest cruise ship in the world, will be based out of Port Canaveral for the next few years. 

On Monday, she set sail with an escort full of pomp and circumstance, along with another Royal Caribbean ship, the Mariner of the Seas.

The cruise line gave Fox 35 a tour of the Harmony and Mariner.

Tugboats with water cannons and a crowd at Jetty Park were part of the sail away parade.

Officials from Port Canaveral held a ceremony on Harmony to celebrate its new home port deal. 

It has 16 guest decks and an area called Central Park with restaurants and tree-lined paths.

There’s also a boardwalk with a carousel.  

And one of the main attractions of the Harmony is a dry slide that's 10 stories high. It's called the 'Ultimate Abyss.'

“It’s a very exciting time for Harmony of the Seas, as well as Royal Caribbean to be able to come and use this port and expand Royal Caribbean to this area," said Captain Johnny Favelen.

He says his crew of over 2,000 are from all over the world and dedicated to customer service.

Captain Angel Oviol, on The Mariner of the Seas, talked about the the same level of commitment aboard his ship.

Fox 35 was shown the Flo-rider and the tiki bar.

The Mariner went into service in 2003, but last year, she got a $100,000,000 renovation.