Two new K-9s sworn in to Orange County Corrections

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Two top dogs are now part of the Orange County Corrections Department.

Donning K-9 badges these two dogs are ready for duty. But first they had to take the officer’s oath.

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“Do you Tony and Millie swear that you will faithfully and impartially without fear discharge your duties as K-9 officers?”



“WOOF!” Tony barked as if right on cue.

That was a yes.

“Tony and Millie you are now officially certified K-9 officers for Orange County Jail’s K-9 unit. Congratulations!”

Now the real work begins as Tony and Millie leave with their partners.
“Who wouldn’t love coming to work with a pup every day?” Correctional K-9 Officer Derrick Malcomb said.
It’s a duty that Correctional Officer Derrick Malcomb has wanted for years.

Now that he’s paired up with 1.5 year old Millie, they will live and work together every day to combat contraband.

“She is a narcotics dog so she specifically sniffs out narcotics,” Malcomb said.

Every day jail visitors try to sneak in illegal material – whether it’s drugs, cell phones or weapons.

“They will try to get things in, but we do a really good job of keeping that stuff out,” Malcomb said. “Our entry process helps to keep that out and then we have the dogs that go around. She has like 300 million scent receptors in her nose so she can smell just about anything.”

While the work can be demanding, it’s what Millie and Tony have trained to do.

“She usually gets me up and motivated and out the door,” Malcomb said. “She’s ready to work as soon as we hit the ground.”

Two top dogs ready to serve and protect.