Trapped kittens rescued as Hurricane Dorian passed by the Florida coast

Officers rescued two kittens who were trapped as Hurricane Dorian passed by.

The Daytona Beach Police Department said that two of their officers rescued two kittens who had gotten stuck between two fences on the beachside during Hurricane Dorian. 

They said that Officers James Bissa and Russell Gibbins were called to Butler Boulevard near North Wild Olive Avenue. A resident in the area directed them to the kittens, who were trapped between a wooden fence and a chain-link fence separating two properties.

Officer Bissa reportedly managed to pull the cats free by sticking his hands through the wooden fence and grabbing them. Other than being wet and stuck, the kittens had no apparent injuries.

Officers were not sure how long the kittens were stuck there but it appears that they were on their own while Dorian passed through the area. The kittens' mother was not found by the officers.

Officers reportedly left the kittens in the car of the resident who called for help.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.