TIMELINE: Protesters gather to ask Gov. Abbott to reopen Texas businesses

People continue to gather in order to protest for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to re-open businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

APRIL 25:  Another group of protestors gather in front of the capital to demand that Abbott reopen Texas businesses. This protest comes after Gov. Abbott allowed some retail stores to reopen to serve customers earlier in the week. 

APRIL 16:  People gathered despite a stay-at-home order and social distancing guidelines, to protest at the Texas Capitol. 

Those protesters began at around noon at the Governor's Mansion before moving on to the State Capitol and then returned to the Governor's Mansion before ending around 2 p.m.

Organizers say they feel that government officials need to be held accountable for infringing upon rights. They say they don't want government mandates and things like parks closed.

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Several different and groups got together to organize the protest including Texas Freedom Force and Texas for Medical Freedom.

Gov. Abbott issued an essential services order on March 31 requiring anyone not considered an essential critical infrastructure worker to stay home. The order limited everyone who lives or works in Texas to only leave home for essential activity, essential business, essential government functions and critical care functions.

Social distancing guidelines in the state are also in place until April 30.

Organizers say that while they appreciated that Gov. Abbott labeled some things, like churches, essential they feel ultimately it was never the government's call to make.



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