Seminole County considering purchase of 2 golf courses

Seminole County is considering buying two golf courses: Wekiva Golf Club and the former Deer Run Country Club. Wekiva would remain a golf course, but Deer Run has a new future in store.

Beyond the creepy brush at the former Deer Run Country Club sits dozens of acres of land. It’s land that Seminole County commissioners are looking to turn into a park. That’s good news for those who live nearby. 

"As opposed to having a developer come in, this is an opportunity for the people not only just in Deer Run but also just in Seminole County to have an extra space for more rec, for gathering. I think it’s amazing," said Dale Ascough, who lives near the former course in Casselberry.

There were signs of worry. Neighbors say they were concerned current owners would develop the land with housing.

"They were talking about putting a lot of housing in that would have really tied up traffic getting in and out of the neighborhood," said Mike Tracy, of Casselberry.

"We walk every day, sometimes twice a day and we were hoping that they would put some trails in here," said Cyndi Ascough, of Casselberry.

Trails are part of the county's plan as well as pickleball courts and a fishing pier. It’s a nice facelift after Deer Run closed two years ago. 

"I didn’t’ realize they were in a position of actually closing until surprise, it just happened."

Commissioners say Wekiva would remain a golf course since the nearly 50-year-old links are still active and turning a profit. 

It’s not a done deal but the county is moving forward with the project. Commissioners say it would cost about $14 million to purchase both courses. With their permission, neighbors of Deer Run may pay an annual fee to cover costs.

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