Search continues for hit-and-run driver in Pine Hills

Two young children remain in the hospital as the search continues for the driver accused of plowing into them, their mother and two siblings in Pine Hills.

The children range in age from seven months to four years. 

The Florida Highway Patrol says it happened at 10:02 p.m. Monday on Pine Hills Road and El Trio Way. 

The family of five was transported to the hospital.

“She was just screaming, ‘the kids were hurt, the kids were hurt.’ She couldn’t tell me where they were at. Somebody that was at the scene got the phone and told me that it was right here,” said Ella Williams, grandmother and mother of victims.

The woman hit has been identified as Francharia Williams.

Her mother, Ella Williams, says her daughter and the kids were on their way to the store when a driver plowed through the crosswalk, hurting all five and severely injuring a 3-year-old boy.

“This mom took her children where she thought it was a safe place to cross, and it should be a safe place to cross if drivers are doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” said Sgt. Kim Montes, Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman.

To make matters worse, the driver fled the scene.

“What is wrong with people? I can't even imagine hitting somebody and not stopping to make sure they’re OK, but these were kids. Whoever was driving that car needs to know these were babies and they just kept going,” Ella Williams said.

Investigators are looking for the driver of the silver car with damage to the front left.

“I think they should turn themselves in,” Ella Williams said. “Just keep them in prayer, especially my lil’ Carlos, because last night he wasn’t looking good at all."

The driver is facing a felony charge for leaving the scene, according to FHP. 

Troopers are asking anyone with information to come forward.