Report: DNA sample from son led authorities to arrest suspected 'Pillowcase Rapist'

A judge has ordered no bond for Robert Koehler, the man suspected of being a serial rapist in the 80s.

The next step for him will be a ride to Miami Dade County where some of the rapes occurred.

And in late-breaking news on Tuesday, FOX 35 News obtained the arrest warrant which explains how investigators linked him to an attack in 1983.

“I'm not guilty,” Koehler muttered to a judge in Brevard’s jail on Tuesday, even though he was not asked to enter a plea.

Koehler is charged with armed sexual assault.

A judge has ordered him to be brought back to Miami Dade on or before Thursday.

According to the arrest warrant, Koehler’s son, Bobby, was arrested first and a DNA sample was collected.

That DNA sample was then entered into the federal CODIS system. There was a hit.

According to the arrest warrant, the match was from a rape kit performed on a victim in 1983.

The woman was attacked in her home. The suspect used an ice pick to threaten her and injure her during intercourse.

The DNA from the rape kit and Koehler’s son’s DNA was similar, but not the same.

Investigators suspected the father.

They placed him under surveillance, waited for him to go to a public place and touch something.

From the object in a public place, they pulled DNA.

That prompted the judge to greenlight the arrest.

The "pillowcase rapist" allegedly had more than 40 victims, but the state attorney's office says there’s more in the works.