Orlo Vista neighbors watch Dorian with flood fears

As rain bands began to hit Monday, and winds picked up slowly in Orlando’s Orlo Vista area, several neighbors could be seen walking up to the large retention pond off Ronnie Circle, checking to see how much water filled it so far.

The residents of the neighborhood have good reason to keep an interest in the pond. 

During the last hurricane, it was that pond that left many of their homes and vehicles damaged and left many of them in serious danger.

During Hurricane Irma, the pond and other waters nearby overflowed and flooded the neighborhood severely.

One neighbor recalled opening her door to commotion overnight and seeing water just inches from her door.

Members of the National Guard had to rescue several residents and pull them to safety.

Now with another hurricane swirling off coast, many admit they are very fearful of another flood.

Orange County leaders report efforts to keep the water down. 

Several large pumps can be seen at the side of the pond, and neighbors say they’ve heard them running in recent days.

Still, many worry it won’t be enough. 

Like all of Central Florida, they wait and see how hard Dorian hits.