Orlando police say suspect killed in officer-involved shooting

The Orlando Police Department said that there was an officer-involved shooting on Tuesday near the area of Kirkman Road and Conroy Road. 

Investigators say detectives were behind a stolen car and saw the car pull into a parking spot on Bamboo Court.  Detectives called for back-up, but say the suspect saw the marked patrol cars and ran away on foot.

A chase ensued into the Summerfield apartment complex on South Kirkman Road, according to a news release from the Orlando Police Department.

Officials say the suspect was armed with a gun, but he never fired it during the incident.  After catching up to the man, detectives say officers at the scene were the only ones to fire their weapons.  They say the man was shot and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Police say the man's gun was found.

Authorities on Wednesday identified the deceased suspect as Kevin G. Aldophe, 22.

"Besides driving a stolen car, we can confirm that he is also the suspect in a residential burglary and an attempted residential burglary on Bamboo Ct. earlier that day," said Sgt. David Baker, with the Orlando Police Department.

Kevin G. Aldophe

Police say two officers were involved in the shooting and will be placed on administrative leave.  They say a third officer, who was in training, was not involved in the shooting, but will also be placed on administrative leave for a few days.  

Detectives say no officers involved in the incident were injured.