New video released in PlayStation murder case

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The State Attorney’s Office is releasing video and audio evidence from the gruesome murder of a man over a video game console.

On Tuesday, police body camera video and audio interviews with officers were released in the case of Jake Bilotta and Ian McClurg. The duo are charged in the November 2018 killing of their former roommate Joshua Barnes.

Video shows police arriving at the duo’s rented Maitland apartment where inside pictures show blood spattered across the walls and floors and a bloody knife sitting near the crime scene. According to supporting documents police also found the body of Barnes, slashed to death and stuffed into trash bags in the home.

Additional body camera video shows police arresting Bilotta in the parking lot of a Maitland game store after he allegedly fled the scene.

According to police reports and to an audio interview between investigators and McClurg upon his arrest, the roommates had suspected Barnes or breaking into their home through an already broken window and stealing several items including a Playstation videogame console.

On the tape of that interview, McClurg tells investigators that Bilotta became enraged by the alleged thefts.

"He was talking about hitting him [Barnes] with a kitana,” said the voice on the audio identified by investigators as McClurg. “He was just talking about, basically like stabbing."

According to arrest warrants, Bilotta lured Barnes to the home saying that they planned to go to a party, and then attacked with a knife when he arrived.

Bilotta is charged with first degree murder and prosecutors say they will pursue the death penalty.
McClurg is charged as an accessory.